student life composition/essay For all class

Student Life Essay: Student life is the period during which boys and girls get their education in school and colleges. In this period people learn in schools and colleges how to study make the best use of life.
The primary duty of a student is acquire knowledge. For this, he has to study hard. He must study to qualify himself for a particular profession and progress in life. Proper education will make him a good citizen.
In the present day world, a student should not confine himself to his books alone. During his leisure, he should read newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. He can also read interesting books, such as novels, biographies, books on travels and general knowledge, etc. when he is free. This will add to his knowledge and prepare him for the battle of life.
In order to build up his body, a student should take regular physical exercise. He should obey the health rules and keep neat and clean. His idea should be high thinking but plain living. He should keep good company and always do things for himself.
Student life is the best part of life. In this period he is free and has not much worldly worry. Usually, he has not to earn money for his living. So it is the most pleasant period of life.
A man gathers knowledge, forms his character, and prepares himself for the future in his student life. If he uses his time well, he may be lucky and happy. If he does not do so, he may be a failure and feel sad for the rest of his life.
Student life is the period to prepare a student for the battle of life in the future. So he should be careful to cultivate good habits and give up bad ones.

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