physical exercise essay for All class

Physical Exercise Essay: Physical exercise is very essential for keeping good health. There is a proverb – ‘Health is wealth’. There is no alternative of physical exercise to achieve this wealth. Physical exercise means systematics and regulated movement of the limbs of our body. We should be careful about physical exercise from our very childhood.

There are different kinds of physical exercise. Games and sports are one of them. There are some items of exercise which are to be performed with help of instruments. We are familiar with gymnastics. These are to be done under the guidance of a trained person. These are free-hand exercises as well. These can be easily practiced by all. Besides, riding, swimming, walking, climbing up trees, etc. are also good items of physical exercise.

People belonging to different age groups should undertake exercise suitable to them. Some exercises are suitable for children, some for young people, some for the old ones, some for the male and some for the female. Walking is a good exercise for old people. Free-hand exercise is suitable.

A strong and manly body is the outcome of years of exercise. Students life is the time when care should be taken in this respect. We should take physical exercise regularly. If we do so, our bodily organs can function properly. Then we can remain free from diseases. Thus, we can preserve good health. It gives us a feeling of joy and cheerfulness

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