My First Day At School Paragraph for All Students

My First Day At School Paragraph is the most important paragraph for all students. Here we show you the My First Day At School Paragraph for class 6, My First Day At School Paragraph for class 7, My First Day At School Paragraph for class 8, My First Day At School Paragraph for class 9, My First Day At School Paragraph for class 10


(a) What is the name of your school? (b) When did you go to school first? (c) With whom did you go? (d) Where did he take you? (e) What did the headmaster ask you? (f) How was the behaviour of the headmaster? (g) How did your classmates receive you? (h) How did you feel?

My First Day At School

In 1993 I was six years old. I can remember a very important event that happened then. That was my experience on my first day at school. On that very day, my father took me to Neel Para Primary School situated in our village. He took me to the headmaster’s room. My heartbeat fast. But his smiling face and gentle words put me at ease. He asked me my name and I told him my name. Then he pointed to a letter chart and asked me to say some letters. I could say them all. The headmaster then called a teacher I told him to take me to my class. I bade goodbye to my father and to the teacher and entered the classroom. He welcomed me and gave me a seat in the classroom. My classmates received me warmly, I felt very happy.


My First Day At School

My first day at school is a very memorable day in my life. When my parents declared the news of my schooling, I became very much excited and started leaping and dancing in great joy. Then the expected day came. I went to every member of our family and received blessings from all. I was in a very happy and cheerful mood. Then I reached our village primary school with my father. I joined my classmates and started shouting and running around the school premises. I thought that I was in school only to enjoy myself with my classmates. Then the bell for the classroom rang and I entered the first class of my school life. At first, I felt thrilled and joyous. When our class teacher called out my name, I became more excited and delighted. He asked me my father’s name and some other questions. I could answer them all. He introduced me to the class. The teacher was a very jolly-minded man. He cut jokes and made fun. I enjoyed them greatly. Then two more classes were held. I made friends, explored the school and played in the school! field. All these gave me profound joy, delight, excitement, and thrill. This was my first day at school. I can still clearly remember that happy day of my life.


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