Load Shedding Paragraph

Load Shedding

Load Shedding Paragraph: Load-shedding means the discontinuation of the supply of electricity. Load-shedding occurs when the generation of power is less than the demand and also for the unplanned distribution of electricity. It creates problems of far-reaching consequences in the socio-economic development of a country. Houses, mills, factories, industries, shops, hospitals all fall a victim to it. The running mills. factories and industries come to a standstill. Failure of electricity hampers productivity. Domestic life becomes painful. The housewives grope in the darkness in the kitchen. The sufferings of the students due to load shedding beggar .description. The patients also suffer terribly for load-shedding. Operations are stopped. The food kept in the refrigerators gets rotten. The commodities preserved in cold storages get spoiled. In fact, load-shedding causes great suffering to the people and an irreparable loss to the country-v. The entire life-domestic and industrial-comes to a standstill. An all-out effort should be made to stop load-shedding.

— Advanced learning English grammar and composition, Class: 9-10

Load Shedding Paragraph
Load Shedding

Load Shedding

Load-Shedding means the discontinuation of the supply of electricity. The incident of load-shedding occurs when there is a shortage of power supply that cannot meet up the demand. There are several factors behind this crisis. Inadequate generation of power, unplanned distribution, illegal connections, and shortage of production are mainly responsible for the load-shedding. It causes great trouble for the people who depend on it. The entire tire stands still. The impact of this crisis is most in the industrial sector. Productions come to a standstill. is a result they fall in loss and cannot pay salaries to the workers. Load-shedding sometimes proves most fatal to the critical patient ho needs immediate operations. It sometimes happens that these patients die due to the failure of timely operation caused by load-shedding in the hospital. Often in the city shops, markets, cinema halls, cold storage people have to suffer greatly due to the disruption of electricity. Moreover, students also suffer a lot, especially at exam time. They cannot study and fail to get good preparation for their examinations. In fact, load-shedding causes serious loss to the country’s economy and immense troubles to the people. But this situation should not go longer. We shall have to stop it. To prevent load-shedding more electric plants should be set up. Besides, the authorities should ensure the proper distribution of electri6ty. Then we must stop stealing electricity in the name of system loss and everyone must be careful and frugal (51\s4i) about the use of electricity. Then we can expect an undisturbed supply of electricity in the country and load-shedding free days.

—- Kazal Brothers Limited, Class 11-12

Load Shedding

Load-shedding is a common affair in our modern life. It means the discontinuation of electricity. It occurs when the generation of power is less than the demand. Thus when demand is greater but supply is less, it causes disruption of electric supply. Such a situation badly affects our life. Most electronic machines are run by electricity. So mills, factories, shops, hospitals, educational institutions cannot run without the supply of electricity. Thus, load-shedding affects our economic growth and our day to day life. In order to solve the problem, there is no alternative to the generation of power more and more. Govt. must take proper strategy to prevent load shedding or at least keep it at a tolerable level.

—- An Easy Communicative English Grammar & Composition with Model Question, Class- 6


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