Internet Paragraph

Internet Paragraph

Internet Paragraph: The Internet is the latest discovery of science and the greatest advancement in the field of communication. It is the computerized process with a telephone set. To get an internet connection, it requires a modern telephone line and a different sort of software for using the network system. Like telephone number internet is maintained by its own number. There are two types of internet. They are on-line internet and off-line internet. One can get an internet connection from three networking systems. They are LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), and WAN (World Wide Area Network) Nowadays the internet is of great use to us. It has made the world smaller and brought the world within our reach. We can get information on every matter within a very short time. It has widened our knowledge and made us more thirsty for the unknown. It is a miracle. It works like Aladin’s magic lamp.

—- Advanced Publications, For class: 9-10

Internet Paragraph 1

Internet Paragraph

The Internet is the latest and most wonderful means of communication. This communication created through computers. At present the Internet is considered a milestone of the most significant advancement of science and technology. In fact, the Internet is a network of communication that is based on a system of many connected computers throughout the world. People having connections with this facility use it to communicate with others. It is the cheapest and fastest communication means for business and commerce. Students also can use the Internet to get information. In the developed countries teachers send every study material and course to every individual student through the Internet. Now in our country, this facility is used to send information. Through the Internet, we can also send pictures, data, and many other things. This interesting means of communication is spreading and getting popular every day. But if one wants to use the Internet one has to learn to operate it. The user needs a particular software to install on his computer. He can establish access to the net by following some procedures. First, he has to click on the browser icon to get logged on the Internet. Then there will appear a space for writing the address of the web page. On writing the address the wanted page will appear on the computer screen. Of course, there is another option. One can go for the searching engine to find a particular web page or a piece of information. It is to mention that these procedures are not difficult to learn and practice. Nowadays the internet is widely used in developed countries. But in Bangladesh, most of the people, particularly people in rural areas are still deprived of internet facilities because of the lack of technical support and education. The hopeful matter is that the government has given importance to the widespread use of the internet throughout the country to make Bangladesh digital


—- Kazal Brothers Limited, For class: 11-12

Internet Paragraph

The Internet is the means of communication through computers. It is the largest system of many connected computers around the world. People use the internet to communicate with each other. Besides, modem business and commerce, etc. are done through it. Students can also get information and educational materials from the net. To use the internet one must have the ability to operate or use a computer. The internet user has to use a particular software. To get access to the net, one has to follow some procedures. The first one is to click on the icon of Browsing Software to get logged on the Internet. Then he or she finds space for writing the address of the web page. On writing the address the wanted page appears on the computer screen. One can also go to a search engine for finding a particular web page or piece of information. This is how one can easily collect

— Concord Book House, For Class: 9-10

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