Environment Pollution Paragraph for All Students

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Environment Pollution Paragraph

What is the environment? (b) What is environmental pollution? (c) What are the causes of environment pollution? (d) What is the role of trees in the environment? (e) What are the main effects of environment pollution?

Nowadays environmental pollution is one of the most talked of topics of the world. Our environment is polluted in two ways-air pollutions and water pollution. Air is polluted in many ways. Smoke pollutes the air. Man makes fire to cook his food, to make bricks, melts pitch for road construction, and burns wood. All these things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes the air. Railway engines, mills and factories, and powerhouses use coal and oil. Buses, trucks, and cars use petrol and diesel. Again all these things cause air pollution. Water is polluted in many ways. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their lands to grow more food. The rain and floods wash away some of the chemicals. They get mixed with canal water and river water. Mills and factories pollute water by throwing waste materials and unsold products into the rivers and canals. Steamers, launches, and even sailboats pollute water by throwing oil, food waste, and human waste into the big canals and rivers. Unsanitary latrines in the countryside standing on the banks of the rivers and canals also pollute water. Thus air and water are polluted and as a result, our environment gets polluted.


Environment Pollution Paragraph

Environmental pollution has become a serious problem nowadays. With the advancement of civilization and industrial sectors, pollution has increased to a great extent. People are cutting trees for making brick, melting pitch, etc. for road construction. As a result, the air is being polluted. Again various motor vehicles, powerhouses, industries, etc. emit smoke and pollute the air. Water and soil are also polluted, Farmers use chemical fertilizers and insecticides in their fields. They are ultimately getting mixed with water from various sources. Besides, water vehicles and insanitary hanging latrines on rivers are also polluting water seriously. Abandoned garbage and human waste here and there cause odor pollution. Thus we see that all vital elements of our environment are losing their freshness and increasingly polluting our environment. The effect of environmental pollution is very serious. It causes different diseases destroying the ecological balance. Now people are very concerned about the ever-increasing environmental pollution as a threat to our existence.


Environmental pollution is a great threat to our normal life. Read the following questions and write a paragraph by answering them.

(a) What is the environment?

(b) What are the elements of the environment?

(c) What do you mean by environmental pollution? (d) What things make the environment polluted?

(e) How are the elements of the environment become polluted?

(f) How is air polluted?

(g) How is water polluted? –

(h) How is sound polluted?

(1) Why is environmental pollution injurious?

(0) How can we stop pollution?


Environmental Pollution

Nature, land, air, water, and all other things around us in which we live are called the environment. Environmental pollution means a remarkable change in the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of the environment. It has become a serious problem in our country. In our cities, the air is constantly being polluted by smoke from factories and from carbon monoxide gases emitted from motor vehicles. The ground we walk on in both urban and rural areas is polluted by uncollected garbage. Water is polluted particularly as a result of untreated sewage. Industrial waste and insecticides alarmingly pollute water. Another form of pollution is sound pollution. We have noise from motor vehicles, mills and factories, aeroplanes, domestic appliances, radio, cassette player and so on. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we take are not always absolutely pure for heath. Environmental pollution leads us to the way of death. So, to live a happy and healthy life, environmental pollution must be checked. And for this, effective steps should be taken immediately.


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