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Computer Paragraph: The computer is a wonderful invention of modem science. It is a complex electronic machine that consists of innumerable ingredients. lt was invented in the modern for-ni by an American scientist John Howard Akin in I937 It can solve complex mathematical problems quickly accurately. NOW there are normally two types of computers. They are desktop and laptop. The desktop is more common and popular than the I .aptop expensive. Any computer has two parts. They are hardware and software. The mechanical Aectimic part: are called hardware. Software refers to the data or programs that we use to serve our A computer-consists of five major components the input unit, the memory unit, the control unit, the arithmetic unit, And the output unit_ The memory unit. the control unit and the arithmetic unit constitute the central processing unit. However. every computer has its machine language to give instructions for the operation. This language Ina)ar from machine to machine. Airy-way, computer, nowadays, has become inseparable from Jul daily This modem machine is being used almost in every sector of human activities. Scientists are using it for carrying out research activities. Doctors are using it for diagnosis. The use of computers has changed the entire banking system. Even this machine is being used in the education and agriculture sector. Thus the computer is now contributing to the advancement of life and building up new potentialities in science and technology. A society moves fast forward without a computer.

—- Kazal Brothers Limited, Class 11-12

Computer paragraph


The computer is the greatest miracle of modern science. It is a highly sensitive electronic machine which can work as a substitute for the human brain, Charles Babez. a British mathematician, first initiated the research work that ultimately led to the invention of the computer. In 1937, an American 4cientist Howard Akin invented the machine which could do complicated sums. In the year 1946, the first electronic digital computer was developed by a team of scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. U. S. A. which could work much faster than the mechanical computer_ At present, the computer helps a man in innumerable (-) ways, The Pravda. a Russian newspaper has been using the computer for translating important news items since 1960. Compute,r is now used in all the sectors in developed countries_ Use of Computer has become indispensable in the field of Tele-communication cL). Air traffic control, Navigation of ships and aircraft. Though our country has made: little progress in science and technology, we are also trying to introduce computer science in every sphere of our national life. In fact, the computer is doing a great job by substituting the human brain and thus preventing misuse of time and energy. as such some people call it an electronic brain

—- Oxford Methods of learning Communicative English Grammar, Class-8 

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A computer is an electronic machine that can store, organize, and find information do calculations, play music and games, and control other machines. It also can perform many other functions. It has no capacity to do anything by itself. It works, on the basis of commands given by the operator. The invention of the computer has a long history. It was I-1(A invented overnight. It took a long time and hard labor to invent computer. A computer has five major components. They are the input unit, the output unit, the memory unit, the control unit, and the arithmetic unit. A computer performs three basic functions. Firstly. t receives data. Secondly, it processes data by various computations, and thirdly it emits data. It helps us doing gigantic and complex works within a surprisingly short time. It can also help us find out data and information. It has eased modern life to a considerable extent. We watch many recreational programs on it at our leisure period. So, it helps us in many ways making our work easy and enjoyable. We can study-computer at differently. institutions both at home and abroad. If we just want to know the elementary uses of computers, we can take the help of any renowned computer training center. But if we want to have or gain a greater idea of a computer, we should get ourselves admitted to a university to study computer science. Nowadays at every institution, both govt. and non-govt., such as bank and insurance, commercial enterprises, retailers, offices, educational sectors, medical science, etc., the computer is a must. It is like Aladin’s lamp. We cannot go a single moment without computers. It is now a part and parcel of our daily life.

— Advanced learning English grammar and composition, Class: 9-10


The word computer has been derived from the Greek word computer, which means to count, So computer is a machine which can compute. It gives a correct result within a short time on the basis of information and instructions are given by human beings. The computer was not invented by a single inventor. It has been invented through a long evolution of age. The 1st computer which was known as the abacus was invented a number of Chinese about four thousand years ago,  But the basic online modern computer was prepared by British mathematician mane Charlies Babbage in the 1830s. So he is called the father of the modern computer. The computer is a very useful electronics device for performing a large job. It is used for writing, sending a letter, receiving mail, browsing information through the internet, Storing data, processing complicated data, and obtaining the desired result. It is useful for composing and publishing books and other documents. The computer can solve thousand of complicated problems within a short time. But Computer has some bad effects as well. Children are being addicted to it.

—– Fundamental of Learning English, Class 9-10


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