General Holiday Has Been Extended By 11 April Announced By Government Of Bangladesh

The government-run office holiday period is extended till April 9 to combat the coronavirus. But the offices that are very needed will remain operational.

During a video conference with the Cabinet, Divisional Commissioners, and District Administrators on Tuesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the holiday period should be extended till April 9. The Prime Minister attended the conference from his official residence, Jan Bhavan.

The holiday is scheduled to be extended till April 9. Because on April 9th, the Holy Prophet was the holy sabbath. The next two days are Friday and Saturday weekend. Public Administration Minister Farhad Hossain said at first light that notification on the holiday may be issued by today.

Earlier, the government announced the holiday from March 26 to April 4. This included March 26, Independence Day, and the next two days, Friday and Saturday weekend. The government has declared a 5-day general holiday from March 29 to April 2. And on April 3 and 4, the weekend is 10 days. Several officials of the Cabinet Department and the Ministry of Public Administration told the first light on Monday that the holiday could be extended in view of the situation.

In such a situation, the Prime Minister said that he would extend the holiday. In the video conferencing session, Cabinet Secretary, Maulana Anwarul Islam, sought the Prime Minister’s direction on the holiday and the day of the birth of the Pohela Boishakh. The Prime Minister said that the holiday should be extended till 9th (April). But it will be limited. Some people have to be able to travel. Not all are closed. Don’t stop people. However, traffic must be restricted. Let’s go for at least 14 days.

At this point, The Prime Minister’s Office Chief Secretary Ahmed Kaikaus said that there is a holiday till April 4, there are still five days to decide on the calendar. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “If we want to open, we can open it at any time.” If I don’t say it from now on, people can’t prepare. People will come like a stream. Then I can’t tell you what’s going on again. I’m not going to stop everything. I’ll open some places. Those that are urgent purpose will be on. ‘

The Prime Minister said that the industry can keep things that are very needed. But we need to keep the communication in a little bit of a bind. Transport workers, the day laborers have to del

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