Air Pollution Paragraph

Air Pollution Paragraph

Air Pollution Paragraph: Air is life and is one of the most essential elements of our environment. It is a part and parcel of our existence. But it is a matter of sorrow that nowadays, we are polluting air seriously, Smoke from our kitchen, vehicles, burning petrol and diesel, brickfields, melting pitch for road construction pollutes the air. Serious air pollution also occurs in industrial areas where gas fumes come out from mills and factories by the reaction of various chemicals. Sometimes leakage of poisonous gas causes serious sickness to the workers and even death. Air pollution is a great threat to our health To protect our health from poisonous smoke, proper measures should be taken. Otherwise, national health can never be saved. Our joint efforts and consciousness will go a long way to solve the problem of air pollution.

—- Al Fatah Publication, Class-8

Air Pollution Paragraph
Air Pollution

Air Pollution Paragraph

Due to our unawareness, the air is being polluted all the time. Air pollution is very acute () in big cities and towns. Mills and factories make air seriously polluted by emitting smoke and poisonous gases. Vehicles are burning petrol and diesel. As a result, smoke and fume are produced and they are seriously causing air pollution. Besides, the burning of rubbish and indiscriminate discharge (fA) of human waste in open-air cause serious air pollution. Serious air pollution occurs in industrial areas where workers become sick or ill. Sometimes, the sickness is so serious that it cannot be cured. Sometimes, leakage (fa) of poisonous gas causes serious air pollution. It causes sudden death for many people. To prevent air pollution, we should shift mills and factories away from residential areas. Excessive smoke-producing vehicles should be banned from the streets. CNG and lead (G- ) free petrol should be used in vehicles to minimize air pollution.

—- Dursoon Publications, Class- 7

Air Pollution Paragraph

Air pollution means the ways in which the air is polluted. Air is the most important element of the human environment. Man can not live a single moment without air. But we do not think that it is we who pollute the most vital element. Clean air is essential for life. Air is polluted and p in many ways. For example, smoke pollutes the air. Man makes fires to cook his food, to make (a) W bricks burns refuse, melts pitch for road construction, and burns wood. All these things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes the air. Another example is that railway our d engines, powerhouses, mills, and factories use coal and oil. Moreover, buses trucks, and Greer cars use petrol and diesel oil. Again all these things create smoke and cause air pollution. Furthermore, the most serious air pollution occurs in big industrial areas where there many mills and factories. Again serious air pollution also occurs in big cities where there are many buses, trucks, and cars plying the street every day. Sometimes men in big burn industrial areas become so sick by inhaling polluted air that they cannot be cured. So proper the w measures and steps should be taken to prevent air pollution.

—- Advanced Publications, Class: 9-10

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