Abbreviation For Job Exam 2021

Abbreviation is most important for any kind of competitor examination. Today we show you the most important Abbreviation. It helps you with any kinds of job preparation like a BCS job preparation, PSC job preparation, Cabinet job preparation, Primary assistant teacher job preparation, Private Bank job preparation, Govt job preparation, BD Govt job preparation, and any competitor job preparation.

Abbreviation For All Job Exam

IQ = Intelligence Quotient
I C U = Intensive Care Unit
P T O = Please Turn Over
OK = Objection killed
C.E.O. = Cheif Executive Officer
CGPA = Cumulative GPA
Md =Doctor of Medicine………Managing director.
GM =Genarel manager.
Rab=Rapid action battalion
B G B= Border guard of Bangladesh
BDR =Bangladesh rifles
Dr. = Doctor.
Mr. =  Mister.
Mrs. = Mistress.
Miss = used before unmarried girls.
M.P. = Member of Parliament.
M.L.A. = Member of Legislative Assembly.
M.L.C = Member of Legislative Council.
P.M. =Prime Minister.
V.P এ= Vice President./ Vice Principal.
V.C. =Vice Chancellor.
D.C = District Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner.
S.P = Police Super.
S.I = Sub Inspector Police.

Some Abbreviation related to the internet and ICT

Wi-Fi = Wireless Fidelity
HTTP = HyperText Transfer Protocol.
HTTPS = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
URL =Uniform Resource Locator.
IP = Internet Protocol
VIRUS = Vital Information Resource Under Seized.
SIM = Subscriber Identity Module.
3G = 3rd Generation.
GSM = Global System for Mobile Communication.
CDMA = Code Divison Multiple Access.
UMTS = Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.
RTS = Real-Time Streaming
AVI = Audio Video Interleave
SIS = Symbian Installer System
AMR = Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec
JAD = Java Application Descriptor
JAR = Java Archive
MP3 = MPEG player lll
3GPP = 3rd Generation Partnership Project
3GP = 3rd Generation Project
MP4 = MPEG-4 video file
AAC = Advanced Audio Coding
GIF = Graphic Interchangeable Format
BMP = Bitmap
JPEG = Joint Photographic Expert Group
SWF = Shock Wave Flash
WMV = Windows MediaVideo
WMA = Windows Media Audio
WAV = Waveform Audio
PNG = Portable Network Graphics
DOC = Document (Microsoft Corporation)
PDF = Portable Document Format
M3G = Mobile 3DGraphics
M4A = MPEG-4 Audio File
NTH = Nokia Theme (series 40)
THM = Themes (SonyEricsson)
MMF = Synthetic Music Mobile Application File
NRT = Nokia Ringtone
XMF = Extensible Music File
WBMP = Wireless BitmapImage
DVX = DivX Video
HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language
WML = Wireless Markup Language
CD = Compact Disk.
DVD = Digital Versatile Disk.
CRT= Cathode Ray Tube.
DAT = Digital AudioTape.
DOS = Disk Operating System.
GUI = Graphical User Interface.
ISP = Internet Service Provider.
TCP = Transmission Control Protocol.
UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply.
HSDPA = High-Speed Downlink Packet Access.
EDGE = Enhanced Data Rate for
GSM [Global System for Mobile Communication]
VHF = Very High Frequency.
UHF = Ultra High Frequency.
GPRS = General Packet Radio Service.
WAP = Wireless Application Protocol.
ARPANET = Advanced Research Project Agency Network.
IBM = International Business Machines.
HP = Hewlett Packard.
AM/FM = Amplitude/Frequency Modulation.
WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network
USB =Universal Serial Bus
IMEI=International Mobile Equipment Identity
SIM =Subscriber Identity Module
SMS = Short Message Service
MMS = Multimedia Message Service
AM = Anti Meridian
PM=Post Meridian
CD = Compact Dicks
DVD= Digital Video Dicks
AC = Alternative current
DC = Direct current
A-Level = Advance Level
 O- Level = Ordinary level
PUC = Personal Unblocking Code
PUK =Personal Unblocking Key
PIN = Personal Identification Number
ISD = International Subscriber Dialing
ISP = Internet Service Provider
DB = Detective Branch
DA = Daily Allowance/ Dearness allowance
Vat = Value added tax
Cng = compress narturar gas
DCCI = Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
EPZ = Export Processing Zone
FDI = Foreign Direct Investment
FY = Fiscal Year
FOB = Free on Board
GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
GPRS = General Packet Radio Service
PSC = Public Service Commission
DFI = Direct Foreign Investment
CNG = Compressed Natural Gas
BO = Beneficiary Owner
BOI = Board of Investment
BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation
CID = Criminal Investigation Department
TA  = Travelling Allowances
TCB = Trading Corporation of Bangladesh
Tl = Transparency International
NGO = Non Government Organization
SEC = Securities and Exchange Commission
NBR = National Board of Revenue
NRB = Non-Resident Bangladeshi
CIA  = Central Intelligence Agency
CNN = Cable News Network
DNA = De-ox ribonucleic Acid
ECG = Electro Cardio Gram
FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation)
HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus
LGED = Local Government Engineering Department
MICR = Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
BTCL =  Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited
BTRC = Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
BRTC = Bangladesh Road Transport corporation
BSTI = Bangladesh Standard and testing Institution
BTC  = Bangladesh Tariff Commission

Abbreviation For Job Exam 2021 1

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